LiteBlue is an online portal for employees of the United States Postal Service (USPS). The portal offers a range of information, including news, information, and tools to track career development. LiteBlue has recently undergone an extensive redesign, which debuted on September 14, 2021. This redesign is the first major overhaul of the site since 2004 and aims to create an improved user experience, particularly for those who view the website using mobile devices.Liteblue To use the site, employees must log in with their ID number and password. The site has been redesigned to be responsive, so that it adapts to being easily viewed on both computer and mobile device screens. Mobile device users make up a large portion of LiteBlue users. Of the 106 million total page views LiteBlue received last year, approximately 81 percent were on mobile devices. Most viewers (73 percent) used iPhones.Litblue-OfficeThe new LiteBlue homepage has been designed with user-friendly features, including several sections: Human Resources, which includes links to frequently accessed pages; Employee Apps, which links to regularly used applications; Featured Topics, which links to new or frequently visited content; Area Updates, which links to the latest employee newsletters; and Workforce Community, which highlights employee special deals, information security, employee engagement and more. The site also features a Resource Index to help employees easily find information and services.

In conclusion, LiteBlue is an important resource for Postal Service employees that provides a range of information and tools to help them track their career development and stay informed about news and updates within the organization. The recent redesign of the site has made it even more user-friendly and accessible, particularly for those who access it using mobile devices.